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AA7C4991-F2C7-4B71-8409-BA3C5C228B95I love my pearly whites, thanks to Smile Brilliant! I’ve tried so many different teeth whitening products, but nothing has worked quite like this! Everything is customized personally for YOU and your teeth. C64CBB12-17BF-4324-B507-5AFED3780BB1Smile Brilliant sent me my kit that included mix catalyst, base paste, and top/bottom trays. After following just six simple steps, my molds were on their way back to Smile Brilliant for my custom whitening trays to be made!

After quickly receiving my completed trays back, I was able to begin whitening! Wooh! I began with shorter gel applications and gradually increased my whitening time to avoid any sensitivity. I’ve been keeping up with my whitening 2-3 times a week before going to bed and have fallen in love with my results!

See for yourself!

Get your Smile Brilliant kit by clicking HERE

Questions?! Click HERE

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