Get Your Glow On

I’m loving this warmer weather, but loving my sunless tan even more! ☀️


I’ve tried so many self tanners and nothing works as well as my VersaSpa products. I’ve been using their sunless tanning blends since I was 16! Getting my perfect glow from home or even while traveling is quick, easy, and mess free!

True story: Some of my girlfriends and I were in Dubai one night and I literally sprayed them down, head to toe, with my monterey bronzing mist! #bonding 😂

I love how gentle their solution is, making it safe to use on your face and body! Their products are also odor free (who else hates that spray tan smell?!), no orange coloring thanks to skin pH balancing ingredients, cruelty free, and no clogged pores!


My friends at VersaSpa were so kind to send this box of goodies to me! Keep up with me on Instagram @jordynashley_ where I’ll be talking more about my love for going beyond tan! Enjoy using my promo code JASHLEY30 💋



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