It’s a Celebration

ECA4AAF1-0D1B-49ED-B5FE-B2A9CB5D166CHello 2018!

Last year was a complete dream. I visited 11 countries, traveled on three Military Appreciation Tours, started a new job, started coaching, became a captain, and most importantly, created #JordysCloset! To celebrate this special one year anniversary, I’m sharing my favorite Fur Ever vest with you!


I love wearing faux fur vests during this time of year! They make the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe and can really dress up your outfit. With the right faux fur, you suddenly have endless pairing and layering opportunities! I styled this particular black and white look with a simple black long sleeve, high waisted jeans, and my black knee high boots (don’t judge me…I told you I live in these babies! LOL!).

I’m also a fan of blingy jewelry. I can’t tell you how much I love the extravagant accessories at Charming Charlie. You can walk into that store and find something to perfectly match any look. This necklace easily dresses up this outfit!

One of my many goals this new year is to share more of my personal experiences with you on my blog (along with my normal styling tips hehe)! What are you hoping to achieve this year?! Comment on this post! I love reading what you guys write!

Much love my gals.

Shop the look


Photos by Diana Bellack Photography


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